Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buy Treasuries?

I really am having a hard time understanding some of these "experts" giving advice on where to put your money. Here's another example. His position is that things are going to get worse. State and Municipal governments are going to have huge budget shortfalls this year and are going to require a bail-out by the federal government. His suggestion is to buy treasuries for safety.

Why, why, why would someone tell you to buy Treasuries right after they describe the huge amounts of debt that the government is going to have to take on? How do problems for state and munis cause a bad stock market? Where's the logic in this advisor's argument?

No one seemed to take note when some pointed out that the federal government could easily lose their AAA status. This article is from Sept 08! Think where we are now, with Obama pushing an $800 billion stimulus.

I've had enough of this "the world is ending" talk. Treasuries have peaked. It's time to sell.

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